• Cavadee

Cavadee is held in either January or February as indicated by the Tamil calendar. All around Mauritius, the customs are performed in Kovils (temples). In the midst of recitations, blooms and sandalwood are offered nearby consuming of camphor to entreat Lord Muruga’s beauty.

In this manner begin a ten day fast. A thorough veggie lover diet is likewise followed.

A number of Cavadee carriers have themselves pierced- women have their cheeks or tongues pierced and men have foreheads pierced or others have needles set in a detailed pattern.

Thaipoosam Cavadee in Mauritius

Source: Atish Seebaluck

Wearing fuchsia or saffron shading material, the devotees will join the priest in prayers.

  • Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year or the Chinese Spring Festival is celebrated in grand style over the island. The principal celebrations are based in Chinatown in Port Louis where the New Year is introduced with lively parades of lion and mythical dragon moves. These parades of lion and dragon are viewed by families and guests from over the island.

Bright firecrackers fill the night sky and avoid abhorrent spirits as the New Year comes in. Lanes are hued in red and a red envelope called ‘Fung Pao’ is given as a blessing.

  • Eid

Eid is the most important festival of the Muslims which is celebrated to mark the end of the holy month, Ramadan.

As everywhere else around the world, in Mauritius also, the genuine preparations for Eid begin the day preceding when families discover that Eid will be celebrated on the following day.

Exceptional congregational prayers are held around 7 in the morning. After the prayers, as they return home, families will follow the Mauritian tradition of having vermicelli. In the mean time, it is a blend of exquisite and sweet smells that drifts around the house as other Eid specialities are prepared particularly the biryani.

During the day, families will be visiting bringing gifts and eidies (envelopes of money).

  • Ganesh Chathurti

Ganesh Chathurti, a Hindu festival is to commemorate the birthday of Lord Ganesh, the demolisher of obstructions.  Amid the celebration you’ll go over parades of enthusiasts cheerfully moving and droning on the streets. You’ll see beautiful representations of Lord Ganesh on little stages being conveyed with awesome excitement. The effigies which are made of mud will be delicately inundated into the water where they will dissolve.

  • Diwali

Diwali is a Hindu festival which occurs in the months of October or November. The celebrations of Diwali are usually done with great enthusiasm by the Hindus. Cakes are prepared and shared among families and neighbours of any religion, as per the multicultural soul of Mauritius.

Earthen oil lights, clay lights and electric bulbs of different colors are put before each home transforming the island into a fairyland of glinting lights. Diwali is synonymous of agreeing with light rather than murkiness, of learning against ignorance and of settling for good over bad.

Diwali Festival in Mauritius

Source: Beachcomber Magazine