Mauritius resembles a world in one nation, uniting an extensive variety of societies and ethnicities. This fascinating, multicultural melange sparkles splendidly in the nation’s zest markets, rich combination eateries and the awakening sega music.

The multicultural society of Mauritius is shaped by slaves from Africa and Madagascar, descendants of British and French colonizers, indentured workers from India and Chinese shop owners. Across the island, you will come across different places of worship (mosques, temples, kovils, churches and pagodas).

Hinging on the situations, one might be able to find people dressed according to their religious beliefs or to their community traditions- women in saris, churidars or in the latest European fashionable clothes.

You will also have the opportunity to relish different cuisines- Mauritian, Indian or Chinese. A large number of cultural celebrations are celebrated during the year in a vivid show of various cultures identified with the different religions of the island.

The social blend of the Mauritian culture is the consequence of a living together of various extraordinary religions of the world to be specific Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and Buddhism.