Indian weddings have different functions on different days. Each function is celebrated in a different way.
1. Tilak
It is a function where the bride’s relatives go to the groom’s home with presents to offer to the groom and his family. There is a wide array of presents but have a tendency to incorporate sugar, coconut, rice, garments, jewellery and henna.

2. Haldi
Amid the haldi ceremony, a paste of turmeric is applied to the bride by the wedded ladies.
The haldi dinner is a run of the mill Mauritian party. There are seven distinct sorts of vegetarian curries that are served on banana leaves: these days synthetic ones are utilized. This is regardless of status and class.

3. Wedding
Hindu weddings should occur outside, under a covering known as a mandap. Each one of the four parents is represented by each pillar. In the centre of the mandap is the consecrated fire. Agni, the God of flame, is said to be the sustainer of life and hence offers life to the marriage.
The marriage ought to satisfy the seven vows namely:
• Food
• Energy
• Richness
• Joie de vie
• Children
• Mutual respect for the body
• Spirituality
• Friendship


4. Chawtaree
Chawtaree is a lunch party tossed by the family of the bride out of appreciation for the husband. It is held on the day after the wedding where kheer is eaten as a method for breaking a fast.

5. The reception
The host of the reception is the groom’s family to thank both relatives and friends and celebrate the new member in the family.

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