Tibeto photography Studio, based in Mauritius since 2007 and a specialist in adaptable Photography, is considered as one of the most polyvalent in term of Wedding photography in Mauritius using a professional and orthodox approach but one who can also adapt to the desires of the client and portrait weddings in the Mauritian landscape. Having studied photography at the DCDM overviewed by Curtin University, Perth, Australia, Tibeto Photography has taken the art of capturing moments to a new level not to be conform to pre-established rules but to listen to the clients wants and needs in terms of coverage.



Every wedding is a story told, the beginning of one of the happiest moments in the life of one. Being able to capture the most intimate real emotion expressed by one another, we take the time to capture the best moment during the wedding ceremony. While we do mostly candid shot to show you the story behind each and every moment, we also emphasis on the traditional rituals, shadowing the bride, groom, close family and friends throughout the ceremony.


From Studio to Outdoor Portraits, which can sometimes give you a better feeling of the nature of your business, Tibeto is also well versed in corporate shooting. Available for shooting businesses in action or for editorial purposes, we can adapt to fulfill your different wants and needs whatever they are.

Additional Services

Tibeto Photography also offers personalized packages adjustable to one’s budget. Many customers have too often talked about the excessive price of our competitors and while your budget might have been a problem before, here at Tibeto Photography we try to accommodate to each and every customer’s wallet. We also provide portfolio for couple’s shooting, new born baby, pregnancy stage (mother to be) or anything around the word photography and shooting.